Our first album, released on September 2020.

Made of 11 tracks, it is the result of two years of work. It has been composed, arranged and produced entirely by us. 

As for the sound of the album, we were inspired by the metal greatest classics of the 80s, such as Metallica and Iron Maiden (many rhythmic figures can be identified while listening to our album), without, however, disdaining the structure and melody of typical metal of the 90s and the 2000s: structure given by the interaction between voice and lead guitar audible especially in the choruses.

As for the texts, which are mostly impersonal and rarely specify the names of the protagonists, they have been inspired starting from famous movies, up to the description of what our name represents, that is: the personification of Time. It also covers serious themes such as gender violence and illness.

Despite the diversity of the themes covered, the album is actually a single story. This is also demonstrated by the initial and final sounds of the first track and the last track: a gate that opens and, in the end, closes.

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Our second and latest album, released in March 2024.

Made of 12 tracks, it is the result of five years of work. Some of the tracks date back to before the recordings of the album From The Wasteland. This album, like the previous one, was also composed, arranged and produced entirely by us.

As for the sound, we have always been inspired by the metal bands from the 80s with the structure and melodies of typical metal from the 90s and the 2000s. Unlike From The Wasteland, however, we have implemented this last component with a lot of orchestrations, and the rhythmic-melodic figures sound with much more emphasis, and in fact, the track number 11, is a musical summary of all the other tracks on the album.

As for the lyrics, the album is structured as a single story of twelve chapters, split in 3 main Acts: Heaven, Unavoidable Limbo, Hell of the Righterous.

The lyrics speak of the rise and fall of a man, who replaces a God, by losing everything he possessed and all those he loved, including his beloved Lilith, the only character whose name is revealed, and entrusting his life and his actions to the judgment of Time.

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