Name: Nicola
Surname: Gavini Fiorentini
Born: July 18th 1994
Place of Birth: Perugia, Italy


Nicola begins to play the bass in 2009 at the age of 14 studying for four years in a private school under the direction of “Riccardo Corradini”.
He plays in various bands of different musical genres and on September the 13th of 2014 he moved to Faenza where he met Stefano Tarroni who offered him to become the bass player of Gatecloser on September the 2nd, 2016.
Meanwhile, he keeps on privately studying with “Gianluca Ravaglia” and with “Luca Nicolasi” (bass player for “Gli Atroci”) at the MMI, in which he also teaches sporadically.

Musical Influences:
• Lemmy Kilmister for his distorted and gain-rich sound
• Cliff Burton for his distorted/overdriven sound mixed with the wah pedal and for his harmonic composition
• Geddy Lee for his penetrating and mid toned-rich sound, for his composition and for his bass progression

• He usually plays parts of his band songs with some drum sticks
• Two of his favorite musical genres are Pop, Rap and Dance