Name: Thomas
Surname: Frassineti
Born: September 16th 1989
Place of Birth: Faenza, Italy


Thomas discovers his interest in music as a teenager. Although he asked his parents to take drum lessons when he was younger, his wish was fulfilled only at the age of 17 (2007). Instructed by “Gianluca Berardi” of the Sarti school in Faenza, he attends the school for the next 3 years.

Thomas has played in several different bands:

  • 2007/2008: Co-founded the band “Lilac Apple” (90s/00s punk rock), which however disbanded after only 1 year.
  • 2o08/2010: Co-founded the band “Braveless Liez” (melodic emo punk). The band seems to be working, but after about 2 years the guitarist and co-founder decides to leave the band, causing it to halt.
  • 2010/2013: The remaining members from the previous attempt, start again with the band “The Last Fairy Tale” (melodic metal). The band manages to win the “Faenza Rock” contest and applies for a performance at the “Super Sound” event a few months later. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the performance was canceled that day. This, and other internal problems within the band caused it to disband a few months later.

Thomas completely abandons drums and music for the next 10 years. Unexpectedly, in November 2023 he was contacted by Gatecloser’s bassist Nicola Fiorentini, with the proposal to help them with a date the following month. Accepted the challenge, he prepares 11 songs for that live. After that, Gatecloser members, finding themselves without an official drummer at that time, offer him a permanent position within the band, as replacement of “Alessandro Cupici”, Gatecloser co-founder, who left the band earlier that same year.

Main influences:

Blink182 – Travir Barker, Avenged Sevengold – The Rev, System of a Down – John Dolmayan, Linkin Park – Rob Bourdon, Bring Me The Horizon – Matthew Nicholls


  • Thomas has a strong passion for video games development.
  • From the age of 6 to 29 he has been a soccer and futsal goalkeeper for several official and unofficial local soccer teams.
  • He loves riding motor bikes at an amateur level.